Our Products

Each year at Harnish Farms, we dedicate about 50 acres to growing fresh market produce. We are a wholesale producer of fruits and vegetables, including but not limited to, cantaloupes, watermelons and pumpkins. Our products are then distributed all over the East Coast. The majority of our customers are local grocery stores, farmers market vendors and local produce auctions.

We can deliver to your location or you may order your produce picked up at our farm.  We have a standard dock facility and forklifts available for loading directly onto your trailer.  Call or email for pricing.

Red Seedless Watermelons

Availability: Mid/End July – Beginning of Sept

We grow some of the best seedless watermelons you’ll ever taste. The key to producing the perfect melon is to deliver certain nutrients at key plant growth stages to increase the sugar content in the fruit. We have fine tuned our program over the years to ensure you get a quality product every time.

Watermelons are packed in 36 count, 45 count, and 60 count bins.


Availability: Beginning of Sept – End of October

We grow several different varieties of pumpkins. We have something to meet all of your fall decorative needs. Browse our varieties below.

Pumpkin Varieties

Field Trip

These are a great personal sized pumpkin for a child or a porch decoration.  They weigh 4-6 pounds and have a long stem.  There is about 180 in each bin.

Cotton Candy

These are a beautiful, white specialty pumpkin that we grow. Supply is limited; please order in advance.


The Casperitas is a small specialty pumpkin. They are available in bushel boxes. Approx. 40/bushel.


This small specialty pumpkin is available in bushel boxes. Approx. 40/bushel.


These pumpkins fall into the premium large category for face pumpkins.  They average 25-50 pounds each and sport a dark orange color and a hearty stem.  You can expect 20-25 pumpkins per bin.


The next generation in face pumpkins!  They are the slightly larger cousin to the Gladiator and have a larger stem.  You can expect 30-35 of these 25 pound pumpkins in each bin.

New Pumpkin Varieties 


One Too Many


Warty Goblin

Warty Goblin

Flat White

Red warty thing

Red Warty Thing


Blue Hubbard