The Harnish Farm

Harnish Farms prides itself in providing only the finest fruits and vegetables to its local customers.  Being good stewards of the land is also a goal of ours.  We use the latest sustainable, no tillage technologies and have an updated conservation plan as a way of protecting the soil.  Sustainable farming includes crop rotations, cover crops, contour farming, terracing and grassed waterways help protect our land from erosion and increase its productivity.  Crop rotations help to break up pest and weed cycles and allow us to reduce our dependence on pesticides.  Contour farming, terracing and grassed waterways allow us to control water flow while reducing erosion and sediment runoff.

We are located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, home to some of the most productive soils in the world.  This enables us to achieve higher quality crops with better yields than growers in other parts of the country. We also maintain an active, well-managed fertility program that allows us to increase our yields and harvest more produce per acre than the average producer.  With this program, we can add fertilizers to the drip irrigation at different stages in the plant’s life to help maximize fruit growth and increase quality and shelf life.  We are committed to producing a premium product for our customers and will stand behind all of our sales.

Harnish Farms is proud to announce our recent passing of the USDA Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) food safety audit. This comprehensive audit verified all of the food safety practices our farm has implemented and was conducted by a certified USDA auditor. This certification is recognized nationally and ensures that our products meet the highest safety standards.