About Harnish Farms

Harnish Farms is a crop production business located in southern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. If our farm could talk, it would speak of rugged workers who got by on the determination in their hearts, the strength of their backs, and the dirt on their hands.  This great American work ethic continues on today

Harnish Farms is honored to be a part of the PA Preferred program to to ensure our customers that we are devoted to giving them the freshest produce possible. To make this feasible, we have a great deal of manual labor to complete throughout the season. Harnish Farms is proud to hire our farm labor locally whenever possible, as this creates jobs in our community and teaches the value of a strong work ethic.

Bryan Harnish is the farm owner. He is a 2009 graduate of Penn State University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science. In the Department of Crop and Soil Science, his studies focused on crop production systems, agricultural business management and vegetable crop production. Bryan’s education and research experiences at Penn State, along with a passion for growing crops, inspired him to expand his previously part-time farming ventures into a full-time business.

Our Mission

Harnish Farms exists to provide grain and specialty produce crops to customers in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our expertise in crop sciences and agricultural technology allow us to provide superior products to our customers at a competitive price.

Our Vision

To be an example of agricultural excellence in our local community and be the premier wholesale outlet for pumpkins on the East Coast. We will do our best to improve our acreage and have it in prime condition for the future. Our goal is to setup the future generations for success by being good stewards of the land, and encourage our community to do the same

Our Values